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Welcome to the new Adrenaline website! Feel free to see what we are currently recruiting for on the right hand side, fill out an app, and talk to an officer online!
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Guild Merger

GeaTH, Sep 9, 10 3:09 AM.
The merger between Adrenaline and Apocalypse has been finalized. We will assemble under their name and use Adren as an alt leveling guild. Most guild resources and personnel will be moved to the new guild the week of 9/13/10. More info is to follow. Any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me in game. You know I want to help everyone as much as possible. This merger will provide a fresh talent pool for our 10 mans so we can't get over the Sindragosa hump as well as provide a larger talent pool for 25 mans. Another benefit of this merger will be that there will be much more diverse raid times now so people of varying schedules can participate.

25m Progress

GeaTH, Aug 29, 10 12:35 AM.
I think we are making a bit of progress in 25m ICC. Last two weeks we have been able to clear first 6 bosses and have been making good attempts on Dreamwalker. Got her to 31mil out of 36mil on our best shot. We just need better healers, but can't really be helped in a pug. True to form gs does NOT equal skill. There was this holy priest doing less healing than the spriest's devo plague. Anyway I know 6 or 7 bosses out of 25 is not all that great, but it is better than nothing and at least some people get some gear and badges.

ICC Progress

GeaTH, Aug 18, 10 2:36 AM.
I think people are getting burnt out on LK and therein lies part of our problem with downing him. We are going to take a break from the LK attempts to do some heroic ICC. Three of our members recently achieved KS with another guild so we will be utilizing their new title as often as we can. Look forward to raiding with you.

LK Progress

GeaTH, Aug 5, 10 1:18 AM.
LK is slowly but surely marching towards demise. We got him down to phase 2.5 tonight which is a first. Just 30 more percent on top of that and we will have it! Need some heavy hitters to be logging on for raids on Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat t 7. Invites to raids are based on ability, not time spent in guild.

Recent Kills

GeaTH, Aug 2, 10 12:58 AM.
Proud to announce that Sindragosa is down on 10m normal mode as of 7/20. Quite a few attempts have been made on LK and we are slowly but surely progressing on him. Kingslayer titles coming soon to a screen near you!
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